Stain Flair Designs


Born on the beautiful Isle of Bute, I have been making things in wood now for about 30 years.

After studying holistic therapies and making bespoke portable therapy couches, I went on to study furniture design at James Watt College. For the last ten years I have been working as a picture framer and making clocks from my home workshop.

I have always been drawn to the ethos and style of the Arts & Crafts movement, something I first became aware of from the music festival posters of the late sixties and early seventies which covered my bedroom walls as a young teenager.  I loved the fluid organic lines and natural earthy motifs, style and proportions, which I hope comes across in these clock designs.

Each clock is individually hand made from ethically sourced oak. I use Claryl glass with less than 1% reflection in the clock faces.